AUSW – Arab Union for Specialized Women

The Miserable North

April 27, 2022

Between the waves, our families and our brothers in the North were thrown due to hunger, injustice and neglect. Under these stressful and hard conditions, we throw ourselves into the arms of the unknown because it’s more merciful than the known!

I can’t write. I can’t understand while the nation’s suffering is deafening. How do we shut up when children die?

So, I’ve been waiting three days.

I expected two scenarios after the terrible incident and the tragedy of the innocent people in Tripoli. I expected:

The withdrawal of all former deputies and candidates for the next election in the homeland, from north to south. For those who have conscience!

I also expected from the people confirmation and determination for the upcoming elections to be unified and agree not to elect any candidate who belongs to a political system!!

From my position as President of the Arab Union of Specialized Women and its members, we call on the legitimate forces to protect human rights.

I appeal to the international human rights and humanitarian organizations to save the human being in Lebanon. Please, save the children and women from the clutches of unjust rule that drives their people into the arms of death. Save the wretched and desperate men in my stolen homeland and have compassion for humanity and a clemency from absent conscience. Please, save the people of Lebanon from their rulers and executioners!!

موقع الإنتشار

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