About Us

AUSW was founded in Lebanon in 2017 by the social activist Nariman el Jamal Ghanem and was officially registered (#2143) as a non-profit, apolitical, socio-economic organization for women & youth empowerment. With a presence mostly all over Lebanon, AUSW has based its headquarters in the capital of North Lebanon, Tripoli city.


How we started:

“Arab Union for Specialized Women” under the Arab Economic Unity Council, was first founded in December of 2015 in a conference held in Cairo with the presence of 17 Arab countries; Lebanon was distinctively represented by 15 elite women coming from various regions of Lebanon.

Our focus:

The purpose of this non-financial umbrella is to connect Arab Communities addressing social justice and equal rights especially the rights of vulnerable groups, particularly women and youth.

Our Principals:

The overall objective of the Union is to strengthen Arab cooperation aiming to empower women politically, economically, socially, culturally and scientifically to deepen their engagement and effectiveness in the Lebanese & Arab communities as a key factor to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development.

Our objectives: