AUSW – Arab Union for Specialized Women

The Election of Mrs. Nariman Jamal

September 13, 2022

President of AUSW- Lebanon branch, Mrs. Nariman Jamal was elected as Vice President of the “Arab Union for Specialized Women” in the Arab Region.

The event took place in Cairo on 8/9/2022 in the meeting held among of the General Assembly, and called by the Economic Unity Council represented by, the Secretary General, Ambassador Mohammadi Al Nai and Deputy Secretary-General, Dr. Maryam Al Imam.

“Arab Union for Specialized Women” in Lebanon and all Arab branches with President Dr. Awad and VP Mrs. Jamal are looking for a great productive beginning; and encourage all women to participate and enroll in the service for their communities.

Women and youth are the great model for charity work.
Roll up your sleeve and join us.

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